Andrews & Associates State Tax Career Testimonials


Just a quick note to thank Andrews & Associates and your staff for the assistance you provided to me in my search for a new state tax position.

Additionally, I want to express my appreciation to you personally for the invaluable input over the past several years. When it comes to general information as to what is happening in the state & local tax marketplace at my career level and what type of positions are available throughout the country, your input has always been timely.

Thanks Again,

Lance Rickard

I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the professional and personal handling of my property tax job search. You and your staff were extremely helpful from initial screening, through the interview, and even during the transition stage from the old state tax job to the new. I am very pleased with both the process and the outcome.

Mark Schory

I was actually eager to compose a testimonial hailing Andrews & Associates work in helping me to obtain a new state tax career opportunity.

I never had spent more than thirty seconds on the phone with a headhunter before Andrews & Associates called. It was very clear from the other firm voices that they were simply doing a job, selling a commodity.

On the other hand, your easy manner allowed me to let my guard down so that we could have a conversation. I felt comfortable sharing the details of my state tax career.

In my experience, the best aspect of working with Andrews & Associates was that he actually prepared me for the interview. Not by telling me what to say, but, by helping me to understand the parameters of the conversation and the personality of the person with whom I would be speaking.

Keith Cheney

Andrews & Associates were professional from the moment they made contact with me. They informed me about a state tax job that suited my skill level, and was able to provide all of the information I asked of them. I also appreciated the way they made contact with me on a daily basis, whether there was new news or not, and kept me up to date on where we were in the application and hiring process.

I now have a state tax job with a far better company, and have learned that everything they told me about my new job is true.

James Williams

I enjoyed working with Andrews and Associates during my recent successful sales use tax job search. Folks at Andrews and Associates were concerned to find a job that fit my needs as well my employer's. I felt like I was working with friends rather than obtaining a "professional service".

Brent Watson

Thank you for your invaluable efforts in helping me to obtain the position in state & local tax. This is the type of sales use tax position that I have been trying to obtain for years but without much success.

I would recommend Andrews & Associates' services to any tax professional looking to broaden their breadth of experience. Thanks again. You have helped me to take a major step in advancing my career.

Daniel Bassian

I highly recommend the services of Andrews & Associates. They are very personable and well informed. All information and dealings with the firm were held in the strictest confidence.

The firm knew the company and individuals as if they had been working with them for years! The pre-interview description of the individuals was very accurate. I felt Andrews & Associates wrote the questions for the interview! They were well prepared and very thorough.

Jeff Morrison


I was highly impressed by the professionalism of the staff at Andrews and Associates. From the start of my sales use tax job search process, the staff made it a priority to get to know me personally as well as professionally. This enabled Andrews and Associates to place me in an environment that suited both my personal and professional needs.

I am highly appreciative of all of the efforts of Andrews and Associates on my behalf. I would highly recommend this search firm to any state & local tax professional in need of a new opportunity.

Chad Couch

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your assistance in finding a new sales use tax position. This could not have happened without your efforts.

It is truly easy to see what separates Andrews & Associates from other recruiters. Your dedication and attention to detail shines throughout the whole process!

Allan Wells

I want to thank Andrews & Associates for assisting me in finding a new state and local tax position with a dynamic consulting firm.

I appreciate the thorough, honest and never-ending feedback and information they provided throughout the entire process. Their undying assistance throughout the pre-selection, pre-interview, post-interview, offer, resignation and even assistance provided after starting my job will not be forgotten.

I will gladly recommend Andrews & Associates to anyone.

Christine Henry

Just a little note to say “thanks” for the efforts put forth by you and your team in getting me placed into an exciting new position. I really do appreciate your “no nonsense” approach and your keen awareness of what’s happening in the SALT industry today.

In my opinion, this is what distinguishes Andrews & Associates from its competition!

Michael O’Brien

I want to thank Andrews & Associates for your time and efforts in my state tax employment search. Not only did you find me an excellent state income tax position but it was located in the exact geographical location that I desired. I could not have done it without your help.

Steve Storck

The service provided by Andrews & Associates was of great value to me with respect to my long-term career goals. I felt as though I was their only concern.

They were very careful to evaluate and understand my career goals and arranged my interviews accordingly. All of my questions and requests were handled very promptly and thoroughly. Again, this is the most important state tax career move I have ever made and without Andrews & Associates’ assistance it may not have happened.

Gary Bennion

Andrews & Associates placed me in my current sales use tax position. While working with them, I developed a high regard for their opinion. I reached my opinion for a variety of reasons.

1) They do the things necessary to sell the candidate.

2) They went to great lengths to match the candidate with the state tax position. As we all know, a good personality fit with your employer goes a long way in determining how successful you are in the position.

3) Perhaps the most important element is an intangible. I got the feeling I was dealing with a top of the line professional employment consultant. Working in such an environment creates a winning situation for the consultant, the client, and the candidate.

Anthony Higgins





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