Andrews & Associates, a national state tax executive recruiting firm, serves a select number of clients and accepts engagements only in state and local tax. This ensures the highest quality of service and commitment to our clients. The result is an exceptionally high hiring success rate of one person hired for every three state tax candidates introduced.

At Andrews & Associates, we understand our clients' distinctive recruiting needs and provide responsive, results-oriented state tax executive recruiting services that add value in today's competitive business environment. Each search is separated into threes phases; the searchand qualifying phase, the interviewphaseand the offer and hiring phase.

The net effect is a result-oriented approach to each state & local tax search and our continued commitment to the client after an assignment is completed.

  • Through an extensive discussion with the client, determine their unique needs and expectations for the state & local tax position.
  • Profile the organization to determine the type of individual that could best fit the organization and accomplish the identified goals.
  • Develop a recruiting plan that will provide qualified state tax prospects.
  • Identify qualified prospects through use of our extensive national network in sales use tax, state income tax and property tax.
  • Personally contact prospects to determine interest in client's job opportunity.
  • Qualify prospects as candidates by interviewing to determine the appropriateness of the individual for the state & local tax position.
  • Introduce state tax candidate to the client.
  • Coordinate the first interview.
  • Prepare candidate for the first interview.
  • Confirm interview appointment with candidate and client.
  • Prepare client as to special interests and personality traits of the state tax candidate.
  • Post interview discussion with candidate to determine interest level and areas of concern.
  • Post interview discussion with client to determine level of interest and concerns.
  • Contact candidate to relate client's comments and impressions on interview.
  • Coordinate second interview.
  • Prepare candidate for second interview and resolve key issues with the candidate.
  • Prepare client for second interview and resolve key issues with the client.
  • Confirm second interview meeting with client and candidate.
  • Post interview discussion with state tax candidate to determine interest and open issues.
  • Post interview discussions with client to determine interest and provide candidate's feelings and issues.
  • Establish a compensation package and position responsibility acceptable to both parties.
  • Presentation of offer to candidate, gaining acceptance and establishing a starting date.
  • Prepare state tax candidate for resignation and counsel on the disadvantages of accepting a counter offer.
  • Post resignation discussion with the candidate.
  • Contact client to confirm resignation.
  • Post start date discussion with new employee.
  • Post start date discussion with client to provide information on employee transition.

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