About Andrews Salt

Andrews Salt is a writer who blogs about his adventures in the world. Andrews is a blogger and photographer from the United States. He started blogging in high school, which he found to be a way to get in touch with people, share his journey, and read other people’s insights. He loves to share his journey, and he wants others to read about it as well! Eventually, Andrews would like to write full-time for a publication that highlights travel tips and stories from around the world.

He blogs because blogging is one way of getting in touch with people! It’s also an easy way for people to share their own journeys with others; whether through photographs or words. Learning is a strong reason why people love to travel, so communication skills are important too! So long as you have those skills down pat, then traveling should be a breeze!

Alabama football has been his passion since childhood. It’s what keeps him going! He was born and raised in Alabama and loves talking about anything that has to do with the Crimson Tide! He also really loves sharing his favorite things on Small Business – because it’s important for small businesses to have communication skills just like big companies do!