two auto rickshaw on the street

Bangkok is renowned for its vibrant nightlife. Here’s a week-long itinerary for exploring the nightlife scene in Bangkok.

Day 1: Riverside Night

  1. Asiatique The Riverfront: Start your trip with this large open-air mall. Shop, dine, and enjoy the night breeze. Don’t forget the giant Ferris wheel!
  2. River Cruises: Board a nighttime river cruise. Some boats offer dinner with traditional Thai performances.

Day 2: Night Markets

  1. Train Night Market Ratchada: A hipster paradise with vintage shopping, bars, and street food.
  2. Patpong Night Market: While it’s near the red-light district, the market itself is popular for souvenirs, clothing, and more.
two auto rickshaw on the street

Day 3: Rooftop Bars

  1. Lebua at State Tower (Sky Bar): Enjoy breathtaking views of the city with classy cocktails.
  2. Octave Rooftop Lounge & Bar: Located in Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit, it offers a 360-degree view of the city.

Day 4: Bar Hopping in Thonglor & Ekkamai

  1. Iron Balls Gin Palace: A unique bar with top-notch gin cocktails.
  2. Tuba Design Furniture & Restaurant Bar: A quirky and eclectic space.
  3. The Commons: A community mall in Thonglor with a variety of bars and eateries.

Day 5: Live Music & Jazz Bars

  1. Saxophone Pub: One of the best places for live music, especially jazz and blues.
  2. Brown Sugar: Known as the ‘House of Jazz’, this spot has been a mainstay for years.

Day 6: Clubbing

  1. Levels Club & Lounge: Located in Sukhumvit, it’s one of the most popular nightclubs.
  2. Onyx: This RCA club is massive and known for its EDM scene.
  3. Insanity Nightclub: Another popular Sukhumvit spot, with a mix of EDM and hip-hop.

Day 7: Cultural Night

  1. Siam Niramit: Watch this cultural performance to understand Thai history and traditions.
  2. Khao San Road: End your trip at this famous backpacker’s street. It’s filled with bars, clubs, and street food. Perfect for a laid-back night with other travelers.

General Tips:

  1. Stay Safe: Always be wary of pickpockets. Keep your belongings safe, especially in crowded areas.
  2. Local Laws: Always respect the local customs and laws. For instance, lèse-majesté (criticizing or defaming the royal family) is a crime in Thailand.
  3. Drink Responsibly: Always monitor your alcohol intake and ensure you have a safe way to return to your accommodation.
  4. Dress Code: While Bangkok is fairly modern, it’s good to dress modestly when not in nightlife spots. For religious and cultural sites, always respect dress codes.

Remember to always research individual places for operational days and hours as some venues may close on certain days or may have adjusted hours post-COVID. Enjoy your week in Bangkok!